What are some popular cocktail bars in Saint Louis?


What are some popular cocktail bars in Saint Louis?

July 6, 2023 9:11 AM
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Some popular cocktail bars in Saint Louis include:

  1. The Last Word - Known for its craft cocktails and speakeasy vibe.
  2. Blood & Sand - Offers a menu of creative and classic cocktails, plus a selection of spirits.
  3. Small Change - A neighborhood bar with a cozy atmosphere and a creative cocktail menu.
  4. Planter's House - Known for its extensive cocktail list and knowledgeable bartenders.
  5. Taste - Offers a sophisticated and ever-changing cocktail menu in a stylish setting.
  6. The Benevolent King - A tropical-themed cocktail bar with a wide range of rum-based drinks.
  7. Retreat Gastropub - Features a well-curated cocktail menu and an extensive selection of spirits.
  8. Two Plumbers Brewery + Arcade - Combines craft beer with classic arcade games and inventive cocktails.
  9. The Standard Pour - Offers classic cocktails and a range of creative signature drinks.
  10. The Royale - Known for its craft beer selection, but also offers a variety of well-made cocktails.
July 10, 2023 7:40 PM


Bar Italia - A cozy Italian-themed bar with a wide range of craft cocktails and Italian spirits.

Olio - Known for its Mediterranean-inspired cuisine, Olio also has a well-regarded cocktail menu featuring fresh and seasonal ingredients.

The Monocle - A lively bar with a retro atmosphere, featuring a variety of specialty cocktails and live entertainment.

The Silver Ballroom - Combines pinball machines with a full-service bar and creative cocktails.

Gamlin Whiskey House - A whiskey-focused bar featuring an extensive selection of whiskeys from around the world, as well as crafted whiskey cocktails.

The Side Project Cellar - Known for its extensive selection of craft beers, The Side Project Cellar also offers a small but well-curated cocktail menu.

HandleBar - A popular neighborhood bar with a wide range of craft beers, as well as a menu of creative cocktails.

Frazer's Restaurant and Lounge - Offers a diverse menu of cocktails, as well as a wide selection of spirits and craft beers.

The Sardella - Known for its inventive and seasonal cocktail menu, The Sardella offers a sophisticated and stylish atmosphere.

Nixta - A Mexican-inspired restaurant and bar with a creative cocktail menu featuring mezcal and tequila-based drinks.

September 13, 2023 7:23 AM