What state is best to buy a car: Connecticut or Virginia?

What state is best to buy a car: Connecticut or Virginia?

January 5, 2024 2:18 PM
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The choice between Connecticut and Virginia for buying a car may depend on several factors, including personal preferences and individual circumstances.

Connecticut: Pros:

  1. Lower sales tax rate: Connecticut has a 6.35% sales tax rate on the purchase of a vehicle, which can be more affordable compared to other states.
  2. Numerous dealerships: Being a relatively small state, Connecticut has a wide range of car dealerships and options for buyers.
  3. Proximity to major cities: Connecticut is located close to major metropolitan areas like New York City and Boston, which can provide greater availability and variety in terms of car models, options, and prices.


  1. Higher vehicle property tax: Connecticut has an annual vehicle property tax that can be relatively expensive compared to other states.
  2. Higher registration fees: Connecticut's vehicle registration fees can be higher than in some other states.

Virginia: Pros:

  1. Lower vehicle property tax: Virginia has relatively lower annual vehicle property taxes, which can make car ownership more affordable over time.
  2. Competitive car market: Virginia has a large number of car dealerships and a competitive market, offering a wide range of options and potentially more competitive prices.
  3. Lower registration fees: Compared to Connecticut, Virginia generally has lower vehicle registration fees, reducing initial costs.


  1. Higher sales tax rate: Virginia has a 4.15% sales tax rate on the purchase of a vehicle, which is higher than Connecticut's 6.35%.
  2. Limited proximity to major cities: While Virginia does have its own major cities like Richmond and Virginia Beach, it may not offer the same proximity and access to major metropolitan areas as Connecticut.
  3. Regional rural areas: Some parts of Virginia, particularly rural areas, may have fewer dealerships and options compared to more densely populated regions.

Ultimately, the decision may come down to the specific preferences and circumstances of the buyer. It is advisable to consider factors such as tax rates, property taxes, dealership availability, and proximity to major cities in order to determine which state may be more suitable for purchasing a car.

January 12, 2024 4:50 PM