What were some of the major historical floods in Saint Louis?


What were some of the major historical floods in Saint Louis?

July 5, 2023 8:16 AM
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There have been several major historical floods in Saint Louis, Missouri. Here are some notable ones:

  1. Great Flood of 1844: Considered one of the most severe floods in the recorded history of St. Louis, this flood occurred due to heavy rainfall in April and May 1844. The Mississippi River's water level rose significantly, resulting in widespread flooding throughout the city and surrounding areas.
  2. Great Flood of 1851: Another major flood on the Mississippi River, it occurred in June 1851 after heavy rainfall. The flood caused considerable damage to St. Louis, with several buildings and structures being swept away, including a newly built bridge.
  3. Great Flood of 1993: One of the most devastating floods in the modern history of St. Louis, the Great Flood of 1993 affected several states in the Midwest. It was caused by prolonged and heavy rainfall in the summer, and the Mississippi River and its tributaries reached record-breaking water levels. In St. Louis, numerous neighborhoods and businesses were flooded, and the flood caused significant damage to infrastructure and agriculture.
  4. Flash Floods of May 2017: In May 2017, St. Louis experienced severe flash floods due to intense rainstorms. Several inches of rain fell within hours, resulting in flash flooding in various neighborhoods. Many roads were closed, and some homes and businesses were damaged by the flooding.

These floods, a**** others, have shaped the history of flood control and management in St. Louis, leading to the development of levee systems, drainage improvements, and other measures to mitigate future flood impacts.

September 10, 2023 9:37 AM


Other notable floods in St. Louis include:

  • Great Flood of 1903: In May 1903, heavy rainfall led to extensive flooding in St. Louis. The Mississippi River reached a record level, submerging large portions of the city, and causing widespread destruction and loss of life.
  • Great Flood of 1915: In March 1915, heavy rains combined with melting snow caused the Mississippi River to rise rapidly. Several levees failed, leading to significant flooding in St. Louis and surrounding areas.
  • Flood of 1973: In July 1973, heavy rainfall caused flash flooding in St. Louis. Several inches of rain fell within a short period, leading to widespread flooding in neighborhoods across the city. Many homes and businesses were damaged, and numerous roads were closed.

These floods, along with other smaller incidents, highlight the vulnerability of St. Louis to flooding due to its location near major rivers such as the Mississippi and Missouri. The city has implemented various flood control measures over the years to protect against future flood events.

November 13, 2023 9:25 AM